Curriculum Overview


 The Essentials of Metal Fabrication Coursework is the heart of our metal fabrication school. Our goal is to provide students with the resources and training needed to fully comprehend metal fabrication at it's core. Our curriculum, as listed below, goes into detail listing the things you as a student will learn to provide you with the the knowledge that you need to become a marketable metal fabricator though our school.


The Essentials of Metal Fabrication Coursework teaches you:

 Mig, Tig and Stick Welding - Machining - Sheet Metal Forming - Chassis Fabrication - Tube Fabrication - Blueprint Comprehension - Motor Sports Fabrication - Resume Writing, and Interview Preparation etc.

Students will be trained on the following equipment:

Mig, Tig and stick welders, plasma cutter, manual tubing bender and programmable tubing bender, grinders and polishers, sheet metal stomp sheer, hydraulic sheer, sheet metal brake, pop rivet gun and hard rivet gun, english wheel, bead roller, bag and hammer forming, horizontal and vertical band saws, cold saw, abrasive and hole saw notchers, manual mill, manual lathe, drill press, precision measuring tools (dial calipers, micrometers, dial indicator).

Day Classes - Essentials of Metal Fabrication

 19 weeks, 4 days a week (Monday - Thursday), 8 hours per day (8am - 5pm), for a total of 600 hours of education.

Night classes - Essentials of Metal Fabrication

38 weeks, 4 days a week (Monday - Thursday), 4 hours per day (6pm - 10pm) for a total of 600 hours of coursework.

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Essentials of Metal Fabrication

Mig, Tig & Stick Welding


Mild Steel  /  Stainless  /  Aluminum  /  Exotic Metals



Manual Mill  & Lathe  /  Blueprint Reading  /  Precision Measuring

Sheet Metal Forming


Sheer  /  Brake  /  English Wheel  /  Bead Rolling  /  Rivet Gun

Tube Fabrication


Tube Bending  /  Notching  /  Plate Work

Motor Sports Fabrication


Chassis Design  /  Suspension Design  /  Roll Cage Construction  /  Motorcycle Chassis Construction



American Welding Society Certification

Students will be prepared for AWS certification at the end of the course.